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Friendship Bracelet with Crystal & Charms
Friendship Bracelet with Crystal & Charms

Friendship Bracelet with Crystal & Charms

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This stackable friendship bracelet is adorned with a collection of charms. The charms represent how water constantly moves through our atmosphere. Water evaporates over the earth and ocean surfaces transforming into vapor-forming clouds. Vaporous clouds circumnavigate the globe and eventually this vapor is converted back into water. Eventually the water is released to earth as rain, snow, and ice. Wear this bracelet as a reminder that every little bit counts when it comes to protecting Earth's waterways and making clean, abundant water available for all.

  • Charms include a gold plated crescent moon and gold plated lightning bolt (symbolizing the sky) and a pale aquamarine + sterling silver droplet (signifying that all water ultimately connects to the ocean).
  • Waxed colorful cords have a slipknot to adjust to most wrist sizes.
  • Hand adorned in USA.

*Proceeds from this bracelet support Wyland's National Mayors Challenge where we implore Mayors to challenge their constituents in a friendly and empowering competition to see which city in the US can be the most "water-wise".