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Handmade Monstera Wire Earrings - Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled

Handmade Monstera Wire Earrings - Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled

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Monstera Leaf Wire Earring:

Choice of 14-K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Filled Wire.

Each earring is free hand that’s what makes it unique & one of a kind.

Each pair of earrings takes 50 inches of wire.

Handmade in Kauai by our featured artisan Naomi Makaneole Cortez.

Naomi's inspiration:

Aloha, my name is Naomi (Makaneole) Cortez and I am from the Island of Kauai, Hawai’i. I started making jewelry as a hobby back in 2010 which then turned into a passion of mine. As I wore my jewelry my co-workers and friends would complement my earrings and would wonder where I got it from. It then turned into making orders for friends and family. I would also make them for gifts. In 2012 I opened my small business doing pop ups at different venues. In 2015 I took a 5-year break from my small business, to take care of my mom who went home to the lord in 2020. In 2021, It was found that I would need heart surgery due to a medical condition. After my recovery, I decided to retire from my job of 28 years and re-found my passion for making jewelry. One day, I was looking online for what the latest trends were as far as jewelry in Hawai’i. It seems like the Monstera Leaf and flower designs were a hit. But, I wanted mine to look different and have a custom design that I would later be known for, adding a Hawai’i flare to each of my designs and pieces that I hand craft. With that I would like to give a big Mahalo from the bottom of my heart for supporting my small business and shopping local.