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Recycled Pressed Glass Sand Dollar Sun Catcher - Yellow
Recycled Pressed Glass Sand Dollar Sun Catcher - Yellow

Recycled Pressed Glass Sand Dollar Sun Catcher - Yellow

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Our sand dollar sun-catcher measures about 3.25 inch diameter. It's made by hand from 100% post-consumer bottle glass at a non-profit community recycling center. Hang one in your window and let the sunlight sparkle through!

  • Approximately 3 - 3.25 inches in diameter
  • Available in royal blue, and amber honey (yellow). The blue sun-catchers are made from a mixture of blue beer bottles, blue wine bottles, and clear bottles, amber sun-catchers are made with a mixture of brown beer bottles and clear bottles.
  • Strung with a hemp cord and a recycled paper tag explaining it was made from 100% post-consumer bottles at a non-profit facility.
  • They can be easily hung with a suction cup (not provided) in a window.
  • Because each sun-catcher is individually made, there will be slight variations in size, bubbles, rim size, thickness, and coloration.

The Glass reFactory is part of Adams Brown Recycling, which provides diverse recycling services in rural Adams & Brown counties, Ohio. As part of our Community Action Program, their mission is to meet the needs of, and help, low-income residents in their area. Adams Brown Recycling and The Glass reFactory provide local jobs, help put money in residents' pockets through the purchase of recyclables, raise awareness of recycling & solid waste issues through assertive educational community outreach, and are social enterprises that foster local pride.Glass bottles come in to their recycling plant from community drop-offs and curbside. They hand-select and divert specific bottles to the "hot shop" to be melted down and made into sparkling, colorful ornaments / sun-catchers.